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    Basic Plan

    per MONTH

    1 on-site visit (4 hours)
    1-8 computers

    ¿What is included in this service?

    Cybersecurity-oriented & risk management approach.
    Technical support to your network and servers.
    Computer repair
    Access to our Help Desk.
    Consulting to prepare your company with the adoption of best practices to increase the IT Governance.
    Advice to prepare your company for external audits.
    Advice to prepare your company for ISO or similar certifications.
    Availability during extended hours.
    Monthly reports on the status of your network and servers.
    Constantly trained, professional, certified and collegiate staff.
    Multidisciplinary team that will be able to help you in disciplines such as cabling, inter-connectivity, etc.
    We are a company incorporated into the MEIC so we absorb social guarantees, insurance, vacations, Christmas bonuses, etc.

    Todos lo derechos reservados